Roulette is not a new game. It is one of the oldest and most popular table games that many players enjoy playing. However, if it is your first time seeing roulette in action, you may think that it is a sophisticated game to learn. Playing roulette is easy as there are no skills involved. In this casino game guide, our experts will explain how a typical roulette game work, as well as the basic rules that apply. Visit za-online-casino to check out the best reviews of different online casino games.

Understanding Roulette Basic Rule

While it is true that there are several variations of online roulette, the basic rules that apply to these games are usually the same. As a player, your goal in a roulette game is to predict the particular pocket on the wheel the roulette ball will rest once it is spun. A standard roulette game has three parts. There is a ball which is small, the betting table where bets are placed, and the roulette wheel which the croupier spins when the game round starts.

To play a roulette game, players will need to first wager their preferred amount. The amount you can wager is based on the table limit of the variation you are playing. After wagering your bet on your predicted outcome, the croupier will proceed to spin the wheels. If you are playing virtual online roulette, the wheel will be spun at the click of a button. But in live roulette, you will see the human dealer as he or she spins the wheel. Below are some top online roulette casinos.

  • Casumo Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • 24K Casino
  • Playamo Casino
  • Play OJO Casino

One amazing benefit that online roulette have over the land-based version is that it comes with an information menu. The information menu is where you will see the rules of the game as well as an explanation of some of the features such as the RTP. Apart from that, playing roulette online gives you more control of your time as you are not required to visit a physical casino to play the game. In the next section, we will explain the different bets allowed in roulette.


Bet Types in Roulette

There are basically two different categories of bets that are permitted in roulette, Inside Bets as well as Outside Bets. These bets are differentiated on the betting table. When you look at a roulette betting table, you will see two different sections. The longer section on the table is where players can place inside bets. Inside bets are the type of bets you place on specific numbers or a group of related numbers. Some of the popular inside bets available in roulette are Straight Bet, Square/Column Bets and Corner Bets.

On the same betting table, you will see a smaller but wider section. This section is where players can place the outside bets. As for outside bets, they are defined as the type of bets you can place on the relationship of numbers or the status of the game wheel. The major difference between an inside bet and outside bet is that the former pays better. However, the risk involved is also higher. Some of the common outside bets you can place are Even/Odd bets, Colour Bets, and Dozen Bets.